Anthony Gilbert


Unless otherwise indicated, all works written between 1962 and 1994 are available from SCHOTT & Co. Ltd., 48 Great Marlborough St, London W1V 2BN. Works marked uymp are available from THE UNIVERSITY of YORK MUSIC PRESS, YO10 5DD,, And Composers Edition 4 Hitchmans Mews, West Street, Chipping Norton OX7 5AA. Works for recorder with or without piano are available from FORSYTH MUSIC PUBLISHING DIVISION, 126 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2GR, U.K. For information on works in manuscript, marked (MS), contact


* These little piano pieces now form part of People Pieces, 2003

** These little recorder pieces now form part of Farings, 2000

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Indicated durations are rounded up to the nearest minute

Compositions in title order

Chronological list of works

▼ Chamber (up to 10 players)

▼ Chamber and string orchestra

▼ Chamber ensemble or chamber orchestra with instrumental soloist

▼ Chamber with voice(s)

▼ Dramatic

▼ Full orchestra

▼ Instrumental duos

▼ Large wind ensemble

▼ Larger wind ensemble

▼ Orchestra with instrumental or vocal soloist

▼ Solo instrumental

▼ Vocal ensemble, chorus

▼ Voice with one instrumentalist

▼ Wind ensemble (up to 10 players)

 ▼ The works below are suitable for amateur players and students